Starting out is the hardest thing to do, so we've outlined out process for creating your video below.


1. Get in Touch
Send us an email, give us a call or even send a pigeon, Get in contact and tell us what it is you want to create. 


2. Plan it Out
Once you've told us your idea, we'll work out whats the best way to proceed and collaborate with you to create exactly what you need. Whatever is easiest for you, be it over the phone, email, or face to face we can go through your options and organise the production of your videos.



3.Shooting Time
Once everything is organised its time to get on set. Using the newest technologies and equipment we make your ideas come to life, whether its video, slow motion, time lapse or flying the drone, we'll bring the gear to capture everything we need.



4. Hitting the Edit
Once the shoot is over its time to bring it all together. We'll put together a rough cut for you to make sure we are all heading in the same direction and then start to narrow down on the details. Once you're happy we can really start to polish, finalising the sound, colour, and edit to bring your vision to the screen.


5. Delivery
It's all finished! Time to get the final video's to you, we can deliver your final product to you face to face, via post or even upload it so you can access your video wherever and whenever you need to.